wave up to the shore

wave up to the shore

We in are happy to announce a new recording!

It is actually a triple cd containing 50 tracks from across the past 50 years of songs either written or learned by me.

Wave up to the Shore was written in 1972, when I was 16 years old.

And so, I decided to spend Summer of 2022 recording new, solo acoustic versions of songs across the last half century.

It begins with Wave up to the Shore itself, and continues up to the last track called Bea and Chayenne go walking; an instrumental piece of music written in Switzerland in August 2022.

I will write more about this project in the coming weeks, but for now I simply wish to welcome it to the world.

We will release the triple cd, and the digital download on December 8th; but it can be pre-ordered right now via

As it would involve pressing 6 records, we will not be creating vinyl for this project.

Welcome to the world, Wave up to the Shore!

Luka Bloom

TOUR: LUKA BLOOM – The Songs Live 2023

Luka Bloom  

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