Bittersweet Crimson (Album Download)



All songs are in .mp3 format. This purchase is for a ZIP file containing the 11 .mp3 music tracks, cover artwork and booklet with lyrics.

Luka Bloom – Bittersweet Crimson

1. Can We Stay 04:43
2. The Beauty of Everyday Things 04:58
3. The Day the Great Oak Fell 04:06
4. Bittersweet Crimson 03:21
5. Front Door Key 05:32
6. Keepsake 03:44
7. Love to Mali 03:29
8. Who Will Heal the Land 04:40
9. My Old Friend the Oak Tree 04:37
10. The Hunger 04:43
11. Vision for 2020 05:49

‘Finally the summer’s upon us…..’

So begins the first song to be released from my forthcoming 22nd record Bittersweet Crimson.
The song, The Beauty of Everyday Things, was written in 2019, during a glorious summer in North West Clare.
I wanted to celebrate the simplicity of life moving outdoors.
Coming together and having a laugh doing ordinary things.
This feels even more perfect now, in 2020.
Summer is here. Life is short.
Lets get out there.
And make the most of summer.

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– Luka