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November 16th 2019 was SUCH a gorgeous night of songs, stories,  laughter and a few tears.  De Roma in Antwerp has become like a hometown show for me, certainly in Belgium.

I love everything about the place. The history, the room, all are just perfect.  The volunteers who work there are the best people.

And the people of Antwerp who come to the shows.  WOW!
So, last November 2019, when I sang there, Johan (tour manager) and Bert (Sound) decided to record the gig -without telling me.  We had a special night.  In February 2020 we released the live record ‘Live at De Roma’.

Then in February 2020, I went into Windmill Lane in Dublin with some dear friends and we recorded Bittersweet Crimson, my studio record for 2020.   I was so excited to tour and to sing all these old and new songs.
Then the music stopped.
I love my job so much. To sing for people anywhere is the greatest privilege.  So, I won’t lie – I miss the gigs.
I miss the people.  I miss the simple act of sharing songs in beautiful places like De Roma with great people.
This is a year for stillness, patience and most of all,  acceptance.
It is a year to be quiet, to be kind.  Kind to the world, kind to people on the street and kind to your self.
Some day soon the phone will ring and it will be cool to fly again to De Roma or wherever the people gather for songs.
I miss you.
So, as the year begins to think about closing here is something for you.
These two recordings – Live in De Roma AND Bittersweet Crimson.
Both records together can be ordered from my sister Anne Rynne at
Price 25euros, including postage.
See you down the road –  soon I hope,